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4 week Baby Puppy Course for Puppies 8-16 weeks. To attend this course you’ll need a laptop, phone or tablet with a webcam, a decent internet connection and access to Zoom. A laptop or computer with a webcam is easiest, but a phone or tablet will work.

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The best time to start training your new puppy is as soon as they come home! Online group classes share many of the same features of a small group class. The format is very similar. The instructor demonstrates with their own dog, then coaches you with your dog one-on-one via live video feed. You can see the other class participants and hear the feedback they receive. You can ask questions at any time.

Scientists tell us that the period from birth to 14 weeks is a very important time in a puppy's life – it is when they are readily able to learn new things and the aim of our classes is to help owners ensure that they learn the things they will need to be a great companion. We also need to protect them from the scary stuff, as they can readily learn to fear things at this age too! This course is for puppies aged between 8 weeks to 14 weeks old.​

In this four week course, we will teach you important management strategies and use positive reinforcement to begin their training. Just like children at Kindy we are setting them on the right path to a lifetime of learning starting with simple behaviours like sit, lie down and go to your bed and settle. We also teach you how to get focus, to teach your puppy to leave items they shouldn’t have, how to prevent jumping, to come when called and a number of other useful skills that will set them up for success.

Many people believe socialisation just means dogs socialising with other dogs, but there are a number of things we can socialise our puppies to that will help them become confident adult dogs. In replacement of our puppy playtime, we will place extra emphasis on the other areas of life that puppies should be socialised to, to make sure they have a positive association with these events: Getting used to their bodies being handled (such as nail trims), adjusting to scary and novel sounds and objects and more. We can also give you advice on how to handle your dog meeting and playing with other dogs in the future.

And it's not just the pups that will learn useful things – owner education topics include understanding your puppy, mouthing, toilet training, resource guarding prevention and enrichment activities to suit every puppy.


Our goals were to get a base in training, and to have our dog able to do the basic stuff (sit, lie down etc). This Baby Puppy program achieved our goals and more. We are enrolling in the next course!

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