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How can I stop my dog pulling on the lead?

Posted 8 Jul 2021

Training your dog to walk on a loose lead not only encourages good behaviour but also acts as enrichment (treats AND walks? Please, do go on)!

Puppy Class FAQ's

Posted 21 Mar 2019

Have some questions about Puppy Classes and how they work? We answer the common questions we are asked regularly.

Keeping everyone sane in the "Silly Season"

Posted 6 Dec 2018

The "silly season" is upon us, so here are our tips from our trainers to ensure everyone has a pawesome time!

Is your dog suitable for dog training?

Posted 8 Nov 2018

Not every dog can learn new skills in the company of other pooches. Sometimes a group class is not the best fit for all dogs.

Come and walk with us at Million Paws Walk!

Posted 9 May 2018

Million Paws Walk is RSPCA's biggest fundraising event, join in the fun and help to fight animal cruelty.

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